What a Morning Game Drive

02nd November 2010
No guests to day so I left camp at 5:30am in my little landrover for a drive in the park... the game viewing was just amazing in the 3 hrs I was out there.

Firstly 3 lions - 1 blonde male and 2 females, 1 of the female had caught a baby warthog and was having early breakfast. So I just sat and watched them for a while with the females greeting the male - then they headed off to look for larger prey. 2 big bull elephants were crossing the open plain, feeding on grass as they walked. I then drove to Norman Carr Drive, where there is a memorial plaque in memory of Norman Carr, just past there is hugh fig tree loaded with fruits. There was at least 60 elephants feeding from the fruits that had fallen, I sat there for 1 hr just watching all the interactions going on - baboons in the trees, impala running in between the elephants legs and wart hogs plus the new babies. In amongst them a tiny elephant just a few days old with mum being very protective over it and keeping him away from the mass of elephants. The rest of my drive I saw zebra having a tree scratch, hippos coming out of the lagoons, plenty of giraffe just feeding from the sausage trees, buffalo, plenty of different birds - a very photogenic fork tailed drongo, egyptian geese and babies. And my first baby impala of the year!

South Luangwa what an amazing place...........