Flamingos at Lake Magadi
09th June 2015
Just recently Lesser and Greater Flamingos arrived at Lake Magadi, Serengeti. They spend June to November at the Lake feeding, before flying on to their breeding grounds.

The Serengeti Migration
11th May 2014
Wow is all I could say when I saw the first herds of Wildebeest and Zebra migration.
The first sighting was a couple of thousand and still what a sight! Then over a few days they became hundreds of thousands, too many to count. Just the mass of animals, noise, dust and confusion of wildebeest walking around in circles, you did not know where to look first to try and take it all in.
The journey of the migration is impressive, a once in a lifetime experience.
The endless plains of the Serengeti is something you will never forget

An amazing game drive in Selous
22nd January 2014
We started out on the game drive at 8am, with the news of a pack of 22 wild dogs along the main road, we past giraffe, impala, then we heard the dogs had moved on. So we carryon our journey along the main road, when suddenly we see 4 ears in the bushes and then 22 wild dog! They were not use to vehicles, so a bit shy. However we sat with them for 1 hour watching them come to puddles to drink and cool off. We then carried on for 15 minutes and came across another pack of 9 wild dogs, what a morning..... We continued past zebra, wildebeest and then another pack of 7 wild dog, it seemed to be wild dog day. We got news of lions so headed across to find 5 cubs hidden under a bush on their own. No sign of mum, so decided to leave them. Driving back to camp we saw a heard of elephants, many ages.... and out of no where a small female leopard, she had been drinking in a stream. The dark clouds were forming so we decided to drive back to camp quickly. What an amazing game drive!
Game Drive in Selous
20th September 2013
A full day game drive in Selous Game Reserve.

We started at 8am, following the river, where we saw little and white fronted bee eaters, giraffe crossing the river to an island.

Then we drove around 1 of 4 lakes, we watched zebra, hartebeeste and wildebeest coming and going to drink. Then a small herd of elephant
stated to walk to the lake, we watched them drink, mud splash and enjoying themselves.

Along the lakeshore there was many birds, huge crocs and hippo pods. We suddenly came across 1 male lion on his own, walking along the road,
then 30 minutes later came across 2 females and 3 cubs of approx 1 year old - sleeping like lions do! Another 40 minutes after watching hippos in the
nile cabbage, we came across 2 more female lions with 5 cubs of different ages. Then suddenly a male appeared from the bushes, very beaten up. We walked
to the pride and 1 female and cub greeted him, it seemed they tolerated him to sit on the edge of where the pride were resting.
The young cub approx 3 months old was very curious and greeted the male and his mother, then he went for wash time!
Malawi News
12th August 2012
Arrived in Malawi, cool mornings and great light for photos the Bohms Bee eaters are busy catching insects this time of day, the white breasted comorants are coming to the end of the breeding season and busy feeding the chicks. The river safaris are just amazing giving the opportunity to get close to hippos, elephants, huge crocs, kingfishers, and a huge variety of other birdlife.
The warthogs are running around and getting ready for the birth of their young in a short time.

Baby Tamarind Arrived
09th December 2010
On the 9th December 2010. At 7:30am Wonky Tusk and her family herd arrived around our house, suddenly there was so much noise going on and checking through the window there was the herd all gathered together in the trees, looking closer there was a baby lying on the ground. It was pouring of rain, but all the herd were busy trying to get the tiny infant to its feet... after 45 minutes it was standing very wobbly but not moving anywhere. After 1:30hrs it was walking with mum and the rest of the herd. What a privilge to watch and share.
Elephants galore
18th November 2010
I went out on a short early morning drive and there were elephants galore, crossing the river from the GMA back to the National park. Baby imapalas are being born as the first drops of rain have started, however it is still very dry out there. The migrant birds have started arriving - woodlands kingfisher calling everywhere.
What a Morning Game Drive
02nd November 2010
No guests to day so I left camp at 5:30am in my little landrover for a drive in the park... the game viewing was just amazing in the 3 hrs I was out there.

Firstly 3 lions - 1 blonde male and 2 females, 1 of the female had caught a baby warthog and was having early breakfast. So I just sat and watched them for a while with the females greeting the male - then they headed off to look for larger prey. 2 big bull elephants were crossing the open plain, feeding on grass as they walked. I then drove to Norman Carr Drive, where there is a memorial plaque in memory of Norman Carr, just past there is hugh fig tree loaded with fruits. There was at least 60 elephants feeding from the fruits that had fallen, I sat there for 1 hr just watching all the interactions going on - baboons in the trees, impala running in between the elephants legs and wart hogs plus the new babies. In amongst them a tiny elephant just a few days old with mum being very protective over it and keeping him away from the mass of elephants. The rest of my drive I saw zebra having a tree scratch, hippos coming out of the lagoons, plenty of giraffe just feeding from the sausage trees, buffalo, plenty of different birds - a very photogenic fork tailed drongo, egyptian geese and babies. And my first baby impala of the year!

South Luangwa what an amazing place...........