Game Drive in Selous

20th September 2013
A full day game drive in Selous Game Reserve.

We started at 8am, following the river, where we saw little and white fronted bee eaters, giraffe crossing the river to an island.

Then we drove around 1 of 4 lakes, we watched zebra, hartebeeste and wildebeest coming and going to drink. Then a small herd of elephant
stated to walk to the lake, we watched them drink, mud splash and enjoying themselves.

Along the lakeshore there was many birds, huge crocs and hippo pods. We suddenly came across 1 male lion on his own, walking along the road,
then 30 minutes later came across 2 females and 3 cubs of approx 1 year old - sleeping like lions do! Another 40 minutes after watching hippos in the
nile cabbage, we came across 2 more female lions with 5 cubs of different ages. Then suddenly a male appeared from the bushes, very beaten up. We walked
to the pride and 1 female and cub greeted him, it seemed they tolerated him to sit on the edge of where the pride were resting.
The young cub approx 3 months old was very curious and greeted the male and his mother, then he went for wash time!