An amazing game drive in Selous

22nd January 2014
We started out on the game drive at 8am, with the news of a pack of 22 wild dogs along the main road, we past giraffe, impala, then we heard the dogs had moved on. So we carryon our journey along the main road, when suddenly we see 4 ears in the bushes and then 22 wild dog! They were not use to vehicles, so a bit shy. However we sat with them for 1 hour watching them come to puddles to drink and cool off. We then carried on for 15 minutes and came across another pack of 9 wild dogs, what a morning..... We continued past zebra, wildebeest and then another pack of 7 wild dog, it seemed to be wild dog day. We got news of lions so headed across to find 5 cubs hidden under a bush on their own. No sign of mum, so decided to leave them. Driving back to camp we saw a heard of elephants, many ages.... and out of no where a small female leopard, she had been drinking in a stream. The dark clouds were forming so we decided to drive back to camp quickly. What an amazing game drive!