Alison was born in the UK, and from an early age had a passion for wildlife and  photography.  She had a strong desire to be in Africa from a child. Studying photography for 2 years and the love of the outdoors, Alison then travelled extensively around Africa and other parts of the world.

Over ten years ago she arrived in South Luangwa, Zambia undertaking various jobs including reservations, marketing and hosting and having the opportunity to follow her passion in wildlife photography and working with the local people of Mfuwe with community and conservation projects. Alison's dream came true when she became a qualified driving guide in South Luangwa. Alison set up a community project with some of the people in Mfuwe making elephant dung paper, and using the photos she has taken making them into cards. During her time in South Luangwa she met Tom, where they got married in a Ebony Grove.

Now working in the Serengeti, Tanzania. The passion for wildlife and photography keeps growing.